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Prototype and Instrument Development

Throughout Taylor Surgical’s history we have continued to analyse ways in which we can improve our product to better fit our customers ever changing needs in the medical industry including patient positioning systems, clamping devices and  electrosurgical Instrumentation and related products.

We are constantly involved in prototyping and designing for some of the leading medical device companies in Australia. We offer this service by utilising the latest CAD/CAM software available, this computer aided design and drafting process is inherently faster than traditional processes.

CAD software helps us carry out engineering analysis of the proposed design and offers greater accuracy, and errors are reduced drastically in the designed product leading to better design.

Our new addition to our workshop is a high performance Okuma 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine capable of holding tolerances within 8 microns. Utilising the latest technology encompassed within this machinery and the highest standard of  tooling available we are confident in solving the most challenging CNC machining assignments.

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