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Operating Table Accessories

One of the unique product categories that Taylor Surgical has developed is to address the clinical needs within side a surgical & medical environment. We have an extensive range of popular & custom type accessories which has been designed around the many different surgical specialities including "Bariatric and Trauma".

Taylor Surgical has the dynamics to custom manufacture virtually any style of table accessory or associated element in the market place. As a certified and approved manufacturer Taylor Surgical can address those issues that may occur and in most cases often under stressful conditions. A supply of common parts and components are available and one of Taylor Surgical or Device Technologies Australia sales specialists would be happy to address directly any enquires for table fittings.

Electrosurgical Instruments

Where quality precision bi-polar and mono polar forceps are required you can trust Taylor Surgical for their trusted manufacture and supply of quality electro surgical hand pieces.
Taylor Surgical has been manufacturing and supplying some of the world’s leading electro surgery companies for over 15 years and continues to export to major international markets.  Taylor Surgical has a full range of handpieces and attachments available and specialises in quality re-usable devices.
Repair and customised instruments are also possible with the experience that Taylor Surgical has developed over the 15 years with attention to all components and insulation techniques in the manufacture process.

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